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Cristy & Danyelle - Owners

We are Cristy Martel and Danyelle McCormick.   Danyelle is in the dog barn greeting guests and Cristy is in the office full time answering your emails and phone calls.  We purchased The Four Paws Inn on September 1, 2013.  We have worked really hard over the years to improve and expand the business.  We are proud to say we are a superior facility with K9 grass and supervised all day cage free daycare!!  We are not a fancy facility with TV’s in our rooms.  We are a facility that allows a dog to be a dog.  We want our dog guests to get down and dirty in the dirt if they want, play fetch, chase and wrestle with other dogs, jump in the kiddie pools or lounge in the sun for a nap.  Our personal goal is to have fun with your dog and send them home tired.  Our motto: “A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog”!  And a happy dog makes for a happy owner!!

We hope you schedule a day to bring your doggie kids for some fun at The Four Paws Inn!

Cristy and Danyelle

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Our Team

Katie White

Katie White 

Katie is a manager here at Four Paws and has been with us since October, 2014.  She is in charge of our big dog puppy play group.  Katie is great at
getting the scared first time puppies to be confident and play with their new friends!    She keeps her group active with lots of ball and plenty of hugs and kisses.  If Cristy or Danyelle are ever away, Katie will be here to take care of things!

Whitney Whitney Milewski

Whitney has been with Four Paws since September 2015.  She is a student in the veterinary program at UNH.  Maybe one day she can be our 'on-site' vet! She does a lot of our weekend shifts and is a great asset to our team.  The
1 hour commute to work doesn't stop her from being with the dogs!!  That is
a dedicated dog lover in our book!  She will be working full time this summer and the dogs are excited to get to see more of her.  The dog education she receives at school has been helpful to her and everyone here. We couldn't ask for a better member for our team!  Make sure you say 'Hello'
when you see her on the weekends!
Robert DeMeule Robert DeMeule

Rob has been with Four Paws since September of 2015.  Rob and his family
have 3 dogs so he is always prepared to come to work and play with the dog
groups at Four Paws!  He is a big strong guy and we appreciate having him
around to help all the ladies with the heavy lifting and repairs.  In his
spare time, Rob is going to school to work with computers and is even making
his own video game.  Maybe his love for dogs will inspire him to put
electronic pets in his game!
Kirsten Kirsten Madison

Kirsten joined the Four Paws team in April 2016.  She relocated to Moultonboro, NH from Virginia to be closer to her family.  She worked for a doggie daycare in Virginia for 2 years!!! The dogs in Virginia were very sad to see her leave, but we are very happy she has joined our team.  Her experience and loving nature towards the dogs has been a great addition to
Four Paws.  She already has several 'favorites' in the daycare classes!!
Matt Matt Cram

Matt has been with Four Paws since April of 2016.  As you can see from his
photo the dogs love him so much they run right into his arms!!  Matt is a
local guy and has a silver lab of his own named Moses.  You might see Moses
with Matt on Sundays roaming around the dog yard and helping his Dad
supervise the other dogs.

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